Julian Assange and WikiLeaks lead the world in the fight for freedom and democracy

[It was written the 14th of  December, MMX.]

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, is an Internet Campaigner, is a Genius for some, (is a Martyr for some). But I think there should not be a clever human being, a journalist, an artist, a writer, a politician or a thinker alive on this planet not to support Julian Assange and what he does! What he did for us!

The UK court refuses bail request for WikiLeaks founder (a David figure battling Goliath) the first time. The second time (today, 14th of December), as bail conditions, they hold his passport, they put him on an electronic tag and they ask a huge security. Until the huge security is met he has to remain in prison.  Julian Assange is in the hands of the British Justice system. A system unfair by definition and by historical reasons! Having Julian Assange in prison is a crime against free-speech!

Being in prison some people argue ‘is not bad’. Some of the best people have been to prison: Nelson Mandela, Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, Socrates, Che Guevara, Antonio Gramsci, Elias Petropoulos, Napoleon, Wittgenstein as prisoner of war, Oscar Wilde (same Wandsworth Prison as Julian Assange now is), the painter Caravaggio escaped also from a prison!

He may be known for his nomadic life-style, the ‘two Swedish women’, but Julian Assange is far more clever! A titan in the need for truth, a titan from classical Greece! He is the ‘inventing brain’ behind the idea of having a website with a receiving ‘dead box’, so that people can drop in the ‘secret information’.

WikiLeaks gave the entire collection of cables to: Der Spigel, El Pais, Le Monde and The Guardian (which shared its cables with The New York Times). The info-cables are in safe hands now. I want to hope for this actually! But WikiLeaks (a tiny group of activists) has brought up more news and truth than all the above ‘big names’ of the world media. WikiLeaks has brought up news and truth that all the ‘big names’ of the world secret services would like to keep away from the public eye.

Julian Assange leads the world – the absolutist approach to Freedom and Democracy. More than Two Billion People live under the poverty line in this world. They live under just $2 a day. The modern American ‘foreign diplomacy’, is responsible for many of the problems around the world. Things need to change, and things will change when we limit the secrecy that surrounds the governments we elect to represent us and govern. Until then, until that day, until ‘society’ becomes more autonomous, it is important to do what WikiLeaks says ‘We open governments’. Mr. Assange must be freed ASAP!

Many governments and secret services want to censor information (including WikiLeaks) like they did to the writer of Animal Farm and 1984- George Orwell. Army of supporters take part in the cyber warfare, the cyber revenge, because they have no other choice. However, having said that, cyber warfare by hackers is going to be part of the future daily life.

The project of the French Revolution of 1789 is not completed yet! There is still long way to freedom and long way to democracy. What the website http://www.berlin-athen.eu and Emmanuel Saridis do by hosting “free critical voices” is important. What WikiLeaks and Julian Assange do by publishing “secret cables” is important.


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