Reference to Evi Goloni (Εύη Γκολώνη)

A woman with light  


            God in the size of rice, the right blue eye of Evi, one drop of olive oil, a piece of  bread crumb, grains of barley, a drop of blood from sexual intercourse are the components of light.

            Light is the sperm, and the eye is the womb, that in 1839 it was invented as an eye machine (a camera). When we say: “what a nice eye”, we mean: “what a nice light!” Light! Light! Yes light, that is the best sign that a bat has got rabies, it flies during the day’s light. Light that was coming out from the torch or the fire and was been used from people to communicate in the antiquity. Light, yes light, maybe plenty of light spoils the light of things is around us inside a room.

            Light + Life = Hope. She smokes and she drinks in the dark. Absence of light, but I see her by using light. The light exists and we accept it. We perceive it in our eyes. The light exists, if the light does not exist then the yogurt is clever. Her light is as strong as the light of the lamp, ever if the light of a lamp is more useful than the light of a woman. The light shapes idols of the world. It runs with speed. The eye extracts energy, thus when we look, when she looks looses energy.

            Evi is a self-styled photographer. She lives for the light and says: “The vision is more important to me than the light that exists.”  And when a man or an animal is born, it’s blind from the light and it needs time to get used to it.

            I ask her “is there always light for you?” “Yes”, she replies, and she continues, “even in a black and white picture, the black colour has light for me”. She lives because there is light, and she’s afraid of the dark. In her bag there is a candle and matches.

            Light pushes the life and our thought.

            This is the light of a woman. Light will help the reader to read this text. Light helped me today to see Joanna whom I met for first time in my life.

            Goodbye woman with light. Goodbye light. Goodbye light times!


About d. [cells/ideas]

Born in Athens, Greece, Dimitris Eleas – Δημήτρης Ελέας is a writer, (independent researcher) and (political activist). - - - At the moment, Book in focus, work in progress (novel) The Black Birds of Warsaw.
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