Emmanuel Saridis answers

In the answers, others and I, we can find out some useful background info and an explanation why Emmanuel is Emmanuel (what makes Emmanuel). Please answer-comment.  I support your inspiring way of thinking, life and your statements from time to time. I read carefully the article about the  “Brain Drain ή οι ανοιχτές φλέβες της Ελλάδος”.


The Written Questions:

 Your parents were… Meine Mutter war Bäuerin, mein Vater Tabakexperte

 The city you grew up… Stavrupolis/Xanthi/Thessaloniki

 What was your first ambition… Ichwollte Film regisseur werden

 Who was your first mentor… Mein Griechisch-Lehrer im Gymnasium

 Your favourite book/favourite writer-thinker… Die Miserablen von Victor Hugo (in griechischer Übersetzung) 

 Your favourite artist… Yves Montand

Your favourite aphorism… Ta Panta Rei

An idea that changed you…Βασικά δεν άλλαξα, έμαθα όμως να βλέπω πίσω απο αυτό που θεωρείται πραγματικότητα. Δεν είναι ευκολο πράγμα και δεν υπάρχουν μαθήματα που να το διδάσκουν. Ίσως πρέπει να πεθάνεις και να ξαναγεννηθείς. Αν ξαναγεννηθείς

An idea that changed the world… The world does not change, it changes only their appearance and the elements that compose it

The best holiday memory… I always have fond memories of my holiday. And bad

Better to travel or to arrive… Και τα δύο

What makes you laugh… Das, was die Menschen für Realität halten

Your greatest regret in life…Ότι δεν ήμουν καλός στους γονείς που με μεγάλωσαν

Your life in ONE word or THREE words… Αγώνας για να γίνω ότι έγινα


MORE about Mr. Saridis at his site: www.berlin-athen.eu


About d. [cells/ideas]

Born in Athens, Greece, Dimitris Eleas – Δημήτρης Ελέας is a writer, (independent researcher) and (political activist). - - - At the moment, Book in focus, work in progress (novel) The Black Birds of Warsaw.
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