London Underground 150 years old !

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The London Underground

London Underground

London Underground (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

The Underground is a world made of reconnected tubes, of steel pieces. It is a melted technology into forms. The Underground is like our arteries and our veins. Maybe the people, who circulate inside, are the blood components, and the ticket is the blood type they belong to. Quite often the Underground is an exhibition of open books, newspapers and women’s legs.

Wherever the blood cannot come up or down easily, there is the moving staircase. The Underground, a rainbow inside the earth, shown on a stylized map that has become a recognized design classic, someone once wrote. Twelve different colours–coded lines, airline airways inside the earth. The Underground is full of cameras, but the times that it will take a photo are very few. Movement and life inside the light, and inside the earth. It is also a radioactive area, passengers that use it will die sooner. The electricity inside the tunnel creates magnetic fields and huge power. The Underground is soil, in the forms of different metals, plaques, pieces of art, posters, tracks, shoes and underwear.

Every big city has its own metro. Moscow’s metro is full of painted windows and mosaics, and in the station with the many domes, Stalin & Co celebrated the anniversary of the October Revolution during World War II. During that war, in London, almost 200 babies were born inside the tunnels. The Underground was a big bed at that time, as many pictures show.

It is a perfect technical work, an engineering achievement, the pre-angel of the greatest engineering achievement of the 20th century, the Eurotunnel. As lovers of the Underground we name the cleaners, mechanics, painters, train drivers, station managers, station assistants, ticket sellers, wallet thieves, but also the mice.

On Friday and Saturday nights, alcohol transforms its passengers into open bottles of beer and whisky. All the system, is then drunk, and it smells of alcohol. Ladies and gentlemen and mice, don’t be afraid of these comments. The Underground is better avoided at the peak times.

If the Underground becomes a DNA piece, it would be, for sure, the one which determines the laugh. The Underground is also a unique DNA exhibition of the whole world, a conference of DNA in this high-tech cemetery.

We admire the Underground with all our senses apart from the taste, while its mice admire it with the taste too. One day, it will be closed down, because no one work can last forever, and then we would admire it through the photos of my friend Evi. It must close down. (Nothing lasts forever; it is also our Aristotelian family motto).

English: The London Underground sign for Westm...

English: The London Underground sign for Westminster tube station against the Big Ben clock tower of the Houses of Parliament in 2002. (Time on clock-face 6:53 PM / 1853h) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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