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Culture and the Death of God

By Terry Eagleton Two or three centuries ago, most of the common people of Europe believed in God, while a small bunch of intellectuals were convinced this was a delusion. For some of these scholars, however, it was a delusion … Continue reading

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In conversation with El Pais (Claudi Pérez), the complete (long) transcript

Claudi Pérez, of El Pais, inteviewed me in our Athens apartment last week. Here is the article that emerged recently in El Pais. The complete, unedited, transcript (in English) follows: Why do all the interviews of you I have read begin … Continue reading

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Του ποιητή Ντίνου Σιώτη (Καθημερινή της Κυριακής, 13.4.2014) ​Η​ ανατριχίλα τού να κλέβεις. Η χαρά τού να οικειοποιείσαι κάτι που δεν είναι δικό σου, κάτι που ανήκει σε κάποιον άλλον. Η γλύκα της αμαρτίας. Η μεγαλομανία αναγνώρισης για κάτι που … Continue reading

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